We are raising funds to give 12 year old Ollie the treatment he needs to save his life.

He was diagnosed with a brain tumour on the 19th May 2015. He underwent an 8 hour operation where only half of the tumour could be removed. Following this he lost the ability to speak, swallow, stand, walk or use his right hand. He has had to re-learn all of these things. He underwent a further 2 brain operations, followed by 3 cycles of chemo, 34 sessions of radiotherapy and then a further 7 cycles of chemo. He maintained an amazingly positive cheerful and polite manner throughout. The nurses would ‘argue’ over who got to care for him!

We had started to dare to believe we had beaten cancer, when we got the devastating news that he had badly relapsed and that his condition was considered “incurable”. However, we have one last hope, a treatment known as “The Vienna protocol” or “MEMMAT”. It is the only credible option for Ollie and he needs two years of treatment at a cost of £440,000. He faces yet another a gruelling year, but Ollie has come through so much and is so loved.

Please help us save him.

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3 days ago

Being a parent to a child with brain cancer is like trying to swim in a very stormy sea, repeatedly being bashed against the rocks. Every time we hit those rocks we fear it is going to be the last ... See more

1 week ago

I have been holding back writing this, since I hate to end an update on a low note. But now I feel I have to.

Last Tuesday, the day after we came back from Center Parcs, we were unable to wake ... See more

2 weeks ago

Even by our usual standards, the last week has been a very challenging one. Two Fridays ago a CT scan revealed the reason for all the sickness and pain Ollie has been suffering recently. He was ... See more

3 weeks ago

The last two weeks have been really tough for Ollie, particularly last Friday when we flew home. Despite having been battling cancer for well over 2 years, Ollie has rarely been in pain, but in ... See more

1 month ago
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Ollie & I are now into our second week in Cologne. We've had good days and bad, but we are feeling positive about the treatment here. It has been very unusual and quite difficult at times.
A fair ... See more

1 month ago
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I'm afraid we've had more disappointing news. Despite the recent changes to Ollie's chemo, the tide has not been turned on the cancer. Yet another MRI this week has confirmed that some tumours are ... See more

1 month ago
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Thank you to all who took part in "Gamesfest" in Tring recently. They raised £340 for Ollie's fund while providing an awesome day of fun. Jane, Ollie, Theo and I spent a lovely afternoon there ... See more

2 months ago
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Some updates are easy to write. It's easy to give good news, but not so when it's bad. A few weeks ago Ollie had an MRI scan and these scans are the only way we know how the treatment is going. The ... See more

2 months ago

Thank you to Old Mutual Wealth UK and Quilter Cheviot for your continued support and donations.
We appreciate your support x

2 months ago

Thank you to Games Fest for your £200 donation.

We appreciate your support. :)

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